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GPS Consulting Group’s 4A Consulting Model:  ASSESS, ALIGN, ACCELERATE + ACTUALIZE is specifically designed for public child welfare, juvenile justice and community-based, non-profit leaders and targets the unique complexities of serving vulnerable populations.

At GPS Consulting Group, we recognize that not everyone needs our comprehensive 4A Consulting Model. You may need support for a time limited or scope specific project. Good news as GPS can tailor our service offerings to bridge any size gap you have in your system or organization.


4A Consulting Model

One consistent value that GPS provides throughout this process is connection – in keeping an eye on the national landscape, we provide insight from other systems and programs that just might save you from doing a lot of unnecessary work.


Assess for Reality  |  Align to Reposition  |  Accelerate for Results  |  Actualize for Renewal


Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Have a project or initiative that requires you to effectively communicate both internally and externally to a variety of stakeholders and audiences? GPS can provide this support! We will work collaboratively with your team to develop a comprehensive communications plan, marketing materials, and other communications channels to reach your key audiences. We focus on transparency and proactive communications strategies.



Have a meeting or event that requires neutral, expert facilitation?  Reach out to GPS Consulting Group! In addition to facilitating full scale strategic planning efforts, GPS also offers general meeting and workshop facilitation. We are quick studies who can dive into convenings aimed at facilitating engagement and results!


Project Management

Large strategic initiatives can be overwhelming, especially when you already have a full plate! GPS can help you manage a project and bring the initiative to fruition. GPS specializes in the age-old need to “herd cats” in project management and ensure that a comprehensive and inclusive approach is taken. We are exceptionally organized and responsive. Combine this with our strategic planning and/or facilitation expertise and your initiative is sure to be a success!


Strategic Planning

Ready to engage in the process of strategic planning? GPS Consulting Group can help! Our strategic planning process involves understanding your organizational vision, overarching goals and desired level of stakeholder engagement that drives our facilitation design and delivery.  GPS does not deliver cumbersome strategic planning reports but rather concise summaries of targeted strategies accompanied by specific action steps and measurable outcomes to track implementation progress.


Subject Matter Consultation

Looking for specific information on current topics related to child welfare or juvenile justice? Look no further as GPS is constantly scanning the horizon for cutting edge research, national best practice trends and strategic opportunities that better support at risk children and families.  Book a 60-minute Subject Matter Consultation! Our GPS team will respond to your specific request and offer customized expertise in a strategic brainstorming session on how to best leverage innovation in your system or organization.