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Who We Are

Welcome to the Grutza Policy Solutions (GPS) Consulting Group! GPS is a consulting firm that delivers targeted and cost-effective consultation to child welfare,  juvenile justice, and non-profit leaders determined to re-design systems, optimize organizational performance and innovative programs. We partner with human service leaders in building bridges between Reality and Renewal that Repositions their system or organization for Results.

The Challenge of Complexity


GPS is often asked what we do and how we do it. What we do is partner with child welfare, juvenile justice, and other non-profit leaders whose heads are down and eyes are laser focused on the continuous crises and unceasing challenges their systems and organizations encounter on a daily basis. At GPS, we are committed to always be looking up and proactively scanning the horizon for cutting edge research, national best practice trends and strategic opportunities that support our clients as they embrace change through continuous quality improvement.

How We Help


GPS brings a collective team of seasoned experts in child welfare, juvenile justice, and non-profit leadership. Our passion and lived experience in leading human service systems and organizations enhance the support our clients deserve to be successful without the “bells and whistles” common among traditional consulting firms. We bring stability, simplicity, and even a bit of fun to the table.

GPS Consulting Group’s 4A Consulting Model: ASSESS, ALIGN, ACCELERATE + ACTUALIZE is specifically designed for public child welfare, juvenile justice and community-based, non-profit leaders and targets the unique complexities of serving vulnerable populations. We are unapologetic about one consistent value we apply throughout our consulting process – CONNECTION. GPS guarantees that we will remain vigilant in honoring our connection to our clients and our national network as we keep an eye on the national human services landscape so that we save you from doing a lot of unnecessary work.

Meet Our CEO

A Foundation For Success

GPS Principal Jody Grutza has had the opportunity to live out her passion through this work over the last 20+ years.

Throughout this time and experience, she has learned many lessons but one of the most poignant is the importance of providing efficient and effective services for a client.

Jody strongly believes that most organizations are well poised for strategic growth and systems change. At GPS, you receive the support that you need to be successful, without the common “bells and whistles” that come along with consulting firms. We bring stability, simplicity, and even a bit of fun to the table.


Jody Grutza